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We analyze Pulsechain Apps through our inhouse process and list them based on security index for users to access them knowing what they are investing in

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PulseApps is Secure

A Powerfull Analyze tool designed to help erase unwanted behaviours from cryptos projects. By providing customers with in depth analysis about crypto projects , PulseApps ensure that you invest in the right projects without fear of losing your money because projects founders have bad ideas that can hurt your financial state.

Launched : April 2022

Team members : 3

Blockchain : Pulsechain

Amount sacrificed : Updated daily

Total experience : 7+ years

Token ticker : $PLSA

Estimated supply : 100 000 000 $PLSA

Website Launch
Social media presence
Token creation
App developpement
Sacrifice Phase
Social media Boost
Ads on crypto website
1000 Holders
Strategic partnership
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Coinmarketcap listing
CEX listing


Sacrifice Phase is live


Sacrifice phase will begin this saturday. Token supply will be adjusted after sacrifice phase , right now it's estimated at 100M Accepted currencies - BNB , USDT , USDC : (BInance smart chain ) , ETH & USDT (Ethereum chain) UP to 90% $PLSA supply for grab for sacrificer, 5% $PLSA Supply for liquidity and 5% for team and advisors. Remaining supply after sacrifice will be airdropped to top 30 holders wallet. First week rate : $1 Sac ≈ 1000 Sacrifice point Second week rate: $1 Sac ≈ 900 sacrifice point and rate drop by 100 sacrifice point Each week. Example : week 3 rate : 1$ Sac = 800 sacrifice point, week 4 rate: 1$ Sac = 700 sacrifice point, only send supported cryptos to this wallet address


Trading will go live on PulseX 2 days after Pulsechain launch
please do not sacrifice from a centralized exchange , sacrifice from your own personal wallet : example Metamask $PLSA will be launched at 0 value, after liquidity is added first trade will determine $PLSA launch price. Sacrifice ends when pulsechain mainnet goes live , which is estimated to take place at mid-may . Initial Micro-marketcap under 100K MC at launch to offer best Price appreciation


You are sacrificing to prove how strong you believe that blockchains are speech and speech is a protected human right. This is an important political statement. You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others. The set of people who have sacrificed to show their commitment to this political statement makes a great set of people to airdrop free things to. This sacrifice points are not meant to have any monetary value. Remember, you're not buying anything, the world is just noticing you are amongst a group of people that sacrificed to make a political statement. Some countries tax their citizens when they receive things of value. PulseChain and all the coins on it are designed to start with no value, which is ideal. Consult your own legal and financial professionals, as nothing written here should be considered professional advice. The only thing we know of set to be airdropped for free to this political group so far is PulseApps (PLSA.) If we hear about other cool things, we'll let you know.